Birds Winter LWP

Birds Winter LWP 1.1

Free animated Birds Winter Live Wallpaper HD for your smartphone or tablet.

Free animated Birds Winter Live Wallpaper HD for your smartphone or tablet.

Beautiful Birds Winter picture with animated objects for your gadget. For installation you just need to click "Install". After that you will be redirected to the section "Live Wallpaper", where you can select the application.

Today we want to offer you an interesting picture of a pair of pigeons. Doves live all over the globe, except Northern areas. The heroes of our apps pigeons-rock doves perched, it is the most ancient and sponsored person birds. They were domesticated a long time ago, and now they live side by side with people, attracting the attention of joyful cooing. Children and adults are fed the pigeons, especially during the cold winter days. Our beautiful picture we animated the snow falling, the snowflakes number, speed you define yourself in the settings of our application, install it on your smartphone or tablet. Download it, love nature, its flora and fauna, and be happy.

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- HD quality animated picture;

- professional photo;

- for smartphones and tablets;

- easy installation;

- take up little space in your device;

- do not drain the battery of the device when the screen is off;

- the image is not distorted in both portrait or landscape position;

- different settings for yourself;

- 100% Free !!!

Birds Winter LWP


Birds Winter LWP 1.1

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